*~Monday's Miracle~*

Audrey believed in miracles.  I do too.  There are miracles that happy all around us.  I wanted to find those miracles and share them with you.  Every Monday I am going to share a miracle I saw happen or heard of happening in the past week.  I want everyone to believe in miracles and I am here to prove they exist.

-Miracle of Little Ones

Amazing Grace

-Miracle to Have Courage in The Face Of Evil

-Miracle of Hurricane Irene

-School's Starting!  It's a Miracle!

-Finding Miracles in Hard Times

-Small Standing Ovation Miracle

-Miracle of Independence

-Searching for a Miracle

-Miracle of Angels

-Memorial Day Miracles

-Miracle of Modern Medicine

-Building Relationships

-Miracle Binky Age

-Osama bin Laden Dead

-Easter Miracle

-Suffer the Children

-Fogel Family

-Miracle of Forgiveness
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