Monday, August 8, 2011

*~Monday's Miracle~*

Finding Miracles in Hard Times

I'm struggling with my miracle Monday this week.  With our Stock market falling 600 points, our troops and Seal Team 6 being shot down in Afghanistan by the evil Taliban, our AAA credit rating being non existent after we were told that was impossible (we didn't even loose that rating during the Great Depression), the shooting that killed eight in Ohio, practically everyone disappointed with our president including his own party, and a black man being run over multiple times just because he was black it is hard to be optimistic.  The truth is though, there are ALWAYS miracles happening around us.  Even with all the bad, you can always find some good.  God is always there.  He is always mindful of us.  He continues to bless us and we know he wins in the end so that gives us all the hope and joy we need.  I am going to do all the random miracles I have seen in the past week just to give you a glimpse into all that has been good and all that God has blessed us with.

-Amazing people willing to put their life on the line to help others. 
     --and Them

-My two kids who each had a birthday this week.  They are my miracles

-severely malnourished baby in Somalia is now thriving

-the faith of many of the SEAL team that has passed

- Rick Perry hosting a prayer event

-I have started couponing

-I am trying to save money

-People trying to perform acts of kindness continually

-Kentucky school holds summer school to talk about founding fathers and our nation

-I got to go see my brand new baby niece

-I helped two people go out on two dates and now they both are just about skipping through life

-A friends daughter got kicked in the head by a horse, intensive care, brain swelling, and now she is home safe.

-Have a great idea for a my sons room and the studs are exactly where they need to be for it to work perfectly.

-that my husband can make and do anything and makes me laugh every day.

What are some miracles you've seen in this life this week?

"I believe that tomorrow is another day, and... I believe in miracles." Audrey Hepburn

"I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. " Audrey Hepburn

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