Meet the Author

I am 33 years old.  I am a mother of five boys and a 2 girls.  I have been married for 13 years to my best friend.  I graduated from Utah Valley University in Exercise Science.  I am a Mormon and love the family values it teaches the best.  I am a stay at home mom and wouldn't have it any other way.  I was born to be a mom and not work and I think it is the most important and most fun job in the world.

I mostly have a classic style but love all kinds of styles.  Deep down I would love to be a punk rocker.  I change my hair about every two months...drastically.  I have always loved Audrey Hepburn.  This blog is inspired by her.  It is about fashion, art, love, health, and class. We all need to work on being better. I am going to work on it right along beside you. I would love to hear your feedback as we strive to be kind, lovely, pretty, accepting, and divinely and utterly happy.

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