Monday, June 6, 2011

*~Monday's Miracle~*

Miracle of Angels

Last Saturday we went up with some of our friends to our ranch.  We decided to go horseback riding and my son wanted to come.  I put him on the horse with me.  There was a large tree branch in the way that I thought, "Oh I'll just pull that down and get it out of the way."  Not realizing the whole entire log was gonna come with it.  So needless to say my young 5 year old horse jumped out of the way and my young 5 year old son started crying.  I jumped off the horse to calm her down but she did not want me back on.  I knew it was probably best if we turned around for both 5 year olds sake.  So I walked her down to the next meadow to try to get on.  She finally let me on.  Another side note about this horse is that she is fat so her back is not as flat as others so the saddles have a hard time staying on.  So we were almost out of the clear when we were going down the last really steep hill and the saddle started to slide off.  With my son on with me I couldn't straighten it out in time and I fell ridiculously hard on my side on this rock.  Jack on the other hand landed on the top of his head and then face.  The horse freaked and took off spooking the other horses at the same time.  She ended up back at the stable saddleless.  I got the wind knocked out of me so while I was trying to talk to calm Jack down and calm the other horses down, my adrenaline kicked in.  I went and got my friends nine year old horse out of the trees and back on the path and sent them on their way while I picked up Jack and started to walk.  Telling him it was okay.  He looked like he had just fought a war.  He had black dirt coating his entire tongue, mouth and face.  His nose was bleeding all down his mouth and chin.  I put him on my back and started the trek home.  

We have had horses for longer than I have been alive.  We have had countless people ride them through the years.  The man who lives there and takes care of them told me yesterday that this is only the 2nd time something pretty big has happened.  He said there must have been people watching over us for all these years.  I believe that.  I believe angels are keeping us safe, and even helped us to not get more hurt.  

"I believe that tomorrow is another day, and I believe in miracles." Audrey Hepburn

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