Friday, October 14, 2011

Zara Online!

One of my besties just gave me the perfect news today to make my Christmas shopping unbelievably amazing.  She told me they have Zara online now.  I am so excited.  My SIL first introduced me to Zara in Paris.  I loved it and wished so bad they had one in America then I realized New York had one and then DC and then Vegas.  I run as fast as I can from the airports to the nearest one, preferably with children's clothes of course.  She just was at the Vegas one and she told me there is now Zara Online with free shipping.  Happy day.   Here are some of the favorites I found within the past twenty minutes.  There is so much to look at so so much to buy I can't decide.

for my daughter

for me
(because I need all these shoes right?)

for him

for my baby

for my son

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