Monday, October 3, 2011

*~Monday's Miracles~*

Small and simple miracles

This morning I woke up to my baby having his eye sealed shut with an eye infection.   I went to the bus stop at 7:15 with my 1st grader and my baby to talk to my neighbor who is a doctor.  He is at the bus stop every single day except today of course.  I decide I would just take him to the insta-care.  I proceeded to go get ready.  As I was finishing up getting ready I turned around and the same eye infected baby was holding my phone under the running bath water he had turned on.  Crap.  So thanks to the internet I chatted my husband and told him I needed to meet him at the Verizon store to get a new phone.  He had birthday money he was going to use to get a new one and I was going to take his anyway so this would be a good push to get it done.  I met him there at ten thinking I would go straight after to the instant care.  We got to Best Buy.  We realized they couldn't do what we needed so we drove all the way to the Verizon Store.  They could do what we needed but the phone was 70 dollars cheaper at Best Buy.  We compromised and decided its better to save that money than get all the things done we wanted.  Thankfully my favorite cookies were around the corner so we stopped quickly there to grab a six of them a few.  Then we were on our way back to Best Buy.  We drove by a Verizon store that was around the corner from the Best Buy that we didn't know about.  So annoying, but we did get the cookies so...  We got back there and they started asking for my husbands information.  He realized he left his wallet at the office.  No big deal we called my sister and she was able to get the information we needed but of course our bill was due on the 1st and it was the 3rd so they wouldn't let us proceed.  UGH!  I drove my hubby all the way back to the office thinking I would just be without a phone for a day. scary I know.  I drove to instant care.  Parked very far away because it was so crowded, walked in my heals with my sick baby to the front door.  There was a woman outside with a bucket under her chin looking like death.  We walked in and passed a hacking lady who was spewing her germs in our direction.  Thinking, I'd rather just have an eye infected baby than a hacking, vomiting infected mother and baby.  This might be a bad idea. They told me the wait was 2 hours.  Yeah right.  So I walked all the way back to my car in my heals and drove home.  So this is where the small and simple miracles really start happening.  I walked inside and went to my medicine cabinet.  I had some drops from my baby's last eye infection I could give him til we could get more.  I put them in and laid him down for a much needed nap.    He fell asleep peacefully.   I went to the computer to check if anyone had chatted me.  My husband wrote me and said he just got me an i phone.  I had told him just before how much I loved white phones.  He got me a white i phone.  I was so happy.  Then because I knew I wouldn't be disturbed I went to take a nap.  It is kind of nice not having a phone for a day.  All because of a surprise phone, a couple naps, some eyedrops and some paradise bakery cookies I feel like this has been a good day so far.  Heres to the rest of my miracle filled Monday.

"I believe tomorrow is another day and I believe in Miracles."  Audrey Hepburn

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