Friday, July 15, 2011

If I were to plan my wedding all over again...

I would wear something like this

with these

My bridesmades would wear something like this

with their hair done something like this

These floating away slightly from every wall.
These straws in everyone's drinks
These coasters at every place setting

and this runner on every table.
and of course I would have that blush pink and blue from the bridesmaides shoes in the bouquets or something.  Maybe I will become a believer in renewing vows.  Anyone with me?

Did any of you know Anthropologie had a wedding site?  Thanks to my cousin Taylor I now know.


Michelle said...

That would be a tad bit different than your real wedding! Love the dress!

Carrie B said...

Very demure. :) I did a very non-traditional gown and part of me loved it while part of me writes a list of do-overs! I like Anthropologie for inspiration, but I don't shop at stores that don't offer plus sizes. I'd rather make my own I suppose. Lots of good sites for Anthropologie "hacks". ;-) (Oh yeah... Came here from HBC's blog hop!)

April's Homemaking said...

Very pretty pictures, love your ideas, I will have to check out Anthropologie's website sounds like fun.

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