Monday, June 27, 2011

Need Opinions Please!

We are working on a project and I need your help.  I am going to put pictures of different styles of homes, kitchens and bathrooms and I want you to choose your favorite.  Where do you see yourself?  Visualize yourself living in New Mexico just in case that helps or don't cuz who would want to feel like they live here?  JK y'all.  I know what I would pick but this isn't about me it is about the majority.  Be opinionated and be honest and thanks for your help.
PS This is about the colors and style more than accessories or layout.  Also send this to your friends.  The more opinions the better.

House Style
House Option 1- Craftsman Style

Home Option 2- New England Style

Home Option 3- Contemporary Adobe Style

Home Option 4- Tuscan Style

Home Option 5- Northern New Mexican Style

Home Option 6- 2nd Tuscan Style

Kitchen Style
Kitchen Option 1- white cabinets, fun tile floor, dark counters

Kitchen Option 2- Black cabinets, light wall color, light counters

Kitchen Option 3 Black cabinets, dark backsplash, really light counters, very dark wood floors

Kitchen Option 4- rustic light cabinets, light tile floor, contrasting island, very dark counters
 Kitchen Option 5- White cabinets, white backsplash, light wall, very dark counters, dark wood floors
 Kitchen Option 6- Dark brown cabinets, light counters, light tile, light backsplash

Bathroom Style
Bathroom Option 1- Contemporary Style
 Bathroom Option 2- Black cabinets, light coutner, light tile
Bathroom Option 3- White Cabinets, light wall, light floor
 Bathroom Option 4- Dark wood cabinets, light wall, light counter
 Bathroom Option 5- White cabinets, fun tile floor, light wall and light counter, dark hardware


Erin said...

My favorite home is the craftsman. But in nm I would say the north nm, then the Tuscany or Adobe. I like kitchen 2. Bathroom 2 then 1.

Erin said...

I do like the white kitchens but hate taking care of dark floors. Mine are and they are never clean. I also like the sanity in the bathrooms, but like having more space like 2.

Mandy said...

House 1
Kitchen 5
Bath 4

This was hard. In each category I really like 2 or 3 of the options. The number I listed would be the very, very top of my list. Now I am curious what your project is.

Mama T said...

casa 1
kitchen 5
bathroom 3
but NOT in NM. who the he** would want to live there?! ;)

Josh said...

House 3
kitchen 4
Bath 4

Dee Dee Cox said...

House 1
Kitchen 5 but I also liked 1
Bathroom 3

Michelle said...

I'm a craftsman girl, definitely not an adobe one. So I guess I won't be able to live in New Mexico for awhile. Inside I like Kitchen 3 and Bathroom 3.

Kalli said...

House 4
Kitchen 2
Bath 1

Lucy & Cory said...

House 2
Kitchen 6
Bath 4
We're right. You're wrong.

Benny#10 said...

I really liked the Crafstman style and I think it could work in some parts of NM. I really don't care for any of those kitchens. I really liked the tropical feel of Bathroom number four.

Courtney said...

I like:
house 1
kitchen 5
bathroom 3

but that is more for California living (a lot of cute beach craftsman style bungalows when we lived in Coronado). If I lived in NM, I think I would go with:
house 3
kitchen 3 (I love the brick wall)
bathroom 4

Melissa said...

ok Annie here it goes.

I LIKE: house 1, kitchen 5 and bathroom 5 (with lighter hardware) or bathroom 3

For NM I like: house 3, bathroom 4 and the idea of kitchen 6. the problem with kitchen 6 is it seems a lot lesser quality then the other kitchens. a kitchen like bathroom 4 would be cool though. Im basing my "for NM" pics on Alberguerque or Pa'ako.

Melissa said...

i just noticed it totally looks like I copied Courtney. I swear I didn't read hers until I had already posted mine. But at least now you know what the best choices are;)

Jeanette said...

I think I am more of a New England style
House #2
Kitchen, none of them really, I don't like white cause it shows dirt to much, and I can't stand to clean tile floors... I didn't have much left to chose from.
Bathrooms maybe 1 ? said...

House - Option 1, but for NM, option 4

Kitchen - Option 1(with dark wood floors) or option 5

Bathroom - Option 1, then option 3

cathy cannon howard said...

House-1 I love craftsman style
Kitchen-5 I wouldn't do dark floors
Bathroom 1 I think this bathroom goes with any house

In New Mexico
House 3 I think you could do craftsman in NM too
Kitchen 4
Bathroom 1

I like to stay away from light floors in bathrooms unless the tile or marble has veins or markings..They show so much hair, etc

Shauna said...

Annie, I don't think it matters where you live. You should pick the styles that fit your family not your neighbors. That being are my opinions. I like house number 1 the best even though I like the look of number 2 number 1 has a better feel and I can picture a porch swing, eating popcicles and a place for Lucy to sit and talk to her boyfriends. I like kitchen number 1 for the same reason. It looks light and fun with a lot of room for help in the kitchen, making your chocolate chip cookies w/o the chocolate chips. It also looks great for kids to do their homework in while you make dinner. Bathroom number 3 looks beach and I like that but #5 looks clean and simple.

Sharee and Arthur said...

Hi Annie,
I'm glad you found my blog. :) And I just loved scrolling down and reading a bunch of your posts. I was laughing at the ridiculousness of the courtney stodden wedding, and wishing I had entered your giveaway! I won't miss the next one. :)

Okay, here are my choices:
House 1, with 2 as my second.
Kitchen 4. I think. Oh, I guess it's a toss-up between 4 & 5, for me.
Bathroom 3, hands down. It feels very soothing.

Are you gonna tell us what your project is?

Suzette said...

House #1 I love front porches.
Kitchen #2
I had dark countertops in our old house- they are so hard to keep looking good.
Dark floors always look dirty.
Bathroom #5


If I was living in NM, I would go with: Home #6, Kitchen #4, and I don't really like any of the bathroom styles.

However, living outside NM, my preferred home is #1. (shaker shingles aren't realistic for NM. I love craftsman style though and would pair it with Kitchen #1 and Bath #5. Although I don't really prefer that bath, I do like the floor and vanity style, but would like it to be in natural hardwood instead of painted.

Annelise said...

House 1
Kitchen 5
Bathroom 3 although I didn't really love any of the bathrooms but if I had to pick one, that would be it.

Anonymous said...

Straight 4's for me! Although I had to look carefully to find things I felt would be comfortable. Choosing from among the choices offered, I like the 4's. There is warmth there, (could be the lighting in the photos, too) and a feeling that cleaning would be simple, you could really live in it--play, bake cookies and make real food, do real projects, etc. Sharon

Trish @ A dream house for Trish said...

Hi Annie, I really enjoyed this post.
i love the craftsmen, kitchen no5 & bathroom no 3 would be the closest to my style!!!
Have a lovely day!

Maren said...

House #2, Kitchen #5 and Bathroom #3 oddly enough none of this looks like my actual house...

Maren said...

I mean none of the styles I liked look like my actual house which I wish I saw this before we picked out the interior!

The Rasch's said...

House: 6
Kitchen: 4
Bathroom: 4

Alma said...

Option 1 was my top choice for all three categories!

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