Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Lovely Audrey

Two years ago I went to Switzerland with my husband and some of our friends.  My brother in law and sister in law live in Geneva.  My Sister in law told me that Audrey Hepburn's grave was not too far.  Well, of course I have to jump on the chance to go see it.  It took a little while to find it.  The little town she lived in her last years was the cutest little town.  It was quaint, quiet, had an enormous amount of character and old.  I thought that when we found her grave, it would be grand and big.  I was not thinking correctly because of course it would not be like that.  She was not a flashy, over the top person.  She was humble, simple, and of course lovely.  

Her dearest friend and designer,  Hubert de Givenchy, was at her funeral.  He said this about it, "I keep thinking of her funeral, it was so like her, so simple, so fresh, in the presence of all those she had loved, famous and unknown.  The whole world was united in tenderness and love.  Despite the difficulties of life, Audrey always knew how to preserve in herself a part of childhood.  And this magic, she spent her life trying to give it to us. Its that which made her an enchantress, a gentle, inspiring magician of love and beauty.  Such enchantresses don’t wholly go away.”

Her grave did not stand out, although she stood out.  She did not like being the center of attention and her grave shows that. She was so beautiful and attractive without trying to be.  I think that is part of what made her more attractive.  Her headstone was a simple cross with her name and year on it.  It was a small but beautiful old cemetery.  It was an amazing feeling being there where she was.  There was a great spirit in that little cemetery.  It was a great feeling.  

Her son refered to her as this, “She has often been referred to as the most elegant, the most stylish, woman in the world.  But that elegance has its roots in both their inner values.  I came from the right place.  It wasn’t a way to be noticed but a way to be humble."
This is me next to her headstone.  While I was there, I shed a few tears, told my friends about her and her life, and just felt so blessed to be in that spot so close to her.  Maybe someday I will be able to meet her and tell her how much she has influenced my life for good.  Maybe I'll sing her this song.

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Dee Dee Cox said...

I love the song. I had forgotten it.

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