Saturday, May 21, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Random Saturday

-Once again, I hate sewing.  I have been at my sewing machine since yesterday and while I love the finished product I hate doing it and would so much rather pay someone to do it.

-I am so appalled at all the anti-semitic crap that is going on all around us lately.  I went to a Holocaust museum the other day and well, gosh didn't we learn the first time?????  I do not get it at all.  I stand with Israel and I am not proud of my president and what he wants to do to that country.

-:My daughter has her first ballet recital today.  She is 3 and she is the youngest in the class.  She is a little uncoordinated which makes her that much cuter and that much more fun to watch.

-I laughed really hard last night and a lot and I loved it.  It felt so nice.

-I love when people are at my house.  I want to be forever surrounded by people.  I love when people come to dinner, or to play games, or to stay for as long as they want, or to just drop by.  I want people to always feel welcome at my house any time day or night.  I want my family to come visit and I want people to feel comfortable dropping in.

-I'm wondering what is the point of this blog.   I'm wondering if anyone would miss it if I just stopped doing it.  I'm wondering if I even enjoy this whole blogging world of 100 followers where 10 of them actually look at this.

-I had a ton of fun finding my Audrey inspired Giveaway bag.  I love that I can walk in any store and there are multiple things that remind me of her.  Her classic style will never go away and I love it.

-I love Marshals.  I went in there looking for something not for myself and came out with some leopard print Jessica Simpson pumps on clearance for 20 bucks.

-I wish we, as a nation, could be united.  I wish we could come together no matter what our political or religious views are.  I wish we all could be proud to be Americans.

-I love my MAC lipgoss.  I love Sephora.

-When my husband saw my daughter with makeup on for her dress rehersal, he threw a fit because he thought she looked like "Toddlers and Tiaras."

-Good and Evil.... Black and White....Right and Wrong....How does anyone not know the difference or scarier yet not care?


Michelle said...

I miss Marshals! I used to shop there and Filene's Basement all the time when I lived in Massachusetts!

Dee Dee Cox said...

Don't think of closing down this blog because I love it.

Stinsonian said...

I love this blog. I love when people just drop in and I loved our family party that just ended. :) I love having my talk in Sacrament Mtg. over with. I love that I did my 2nd triathlon yesterday and had the ONLY sunny day (for past 2 weeks) to race in. I love my friends...especially you. I love my MAC lipgloss too. I don't love the state our country is in but I DO LOVE TO BE AN AMERICAN!

Courtney said...

I had a long post about little girls, ballet and Grandma and somehow I lost it. Anyway, I wanted you to know I read and enjoy this blog.

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