Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Because I've been asked

I have seen many blogs where all it is is girls taking pictures of themselves.  I don't want this to be that kind of blog.  Because people have asked, I will put SOME not a lot of pics randomly of my favorite outfits.  Let me know if you want more of this or none at all.  I'm totally open for input.

Cardigan - Target Sale $15
White Tee- Target $8
Pink Belt - Target $12
Neclace - Bags that Fit (American Fork, UT) 
White Watch Guess Brand Dillards $135
Dress- Target $40
Yellow Belt - $12
Tights - J Crew years ago
Shoes that you can't see - leopard print -Marshals sale $20


Michelle said...

You're cute! I love that cardigan.

Courtney said...

I love the cardigan too. You should tell us where you get the different things too as a shopping guide for the style challenged.

Annie said...

That is a good idea courtney I'll add that to the post now.

Dee Dee Cox said...

Love it. Take more.

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