Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What was in My Giveaway?

I thought I would show you what was in my Audrey inspired giveaway for those who are curious.  Also hopefully this will inspire more than 11 of my closest friends and family to enter. 

 Audrey loved pearls.  They are classic and beautiful and will never go out of style.
 A pop of animal print is always classy.  I love these new hard wallets that are out now.  I will never go back to the folded ones.
 Big sunglasses.  She always wore them and they apparently will never go out of style nor go unnoticed.
 She loved pink.  A good notepad with a cute pen will brighten up any old ugly desk.  And who doesn't always need to jot down something?
Hair straightener.  They didn't have these back in her day but I guarantee she would have used one and loved it.  This is not the 80s.  Frizzy, air-dried hair is out.  Sleek and straight is in.  Go get a straightener and use it.  You will love it.  One tip is to use a comb and comb through a section then straighten then comb once more.


Trish @ A dream house for Trish said...

A very stylish give away indeed, she would have loved a straightener Im sure, her hair was always stunning!!!

Alma said...

Very cool Annie! Love the selection.

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