Thursday, March 24, 2011

Roamin' Holiday

If any of you have not seen Audrey's movie "Roman Holiday," you are missing out.  See it!  My new favorite thing is Shabby Apple's new clothing line.  It is called "Roamin' Holiday.  The photo shoot took place in the same place as scenes from the movie.  Lots of them were also posed by a scooter which she rode in the movie.  The style of dresses resembles an Audrey feel.  I love it.  Check it out.

"Clothes look great or not so great, depending on who’s wearing them. I truly feel Audrey gave Givenchy a look. As time went on, they collaborated, but I think she picked what was Audrey out of Givenchy. The same for my clothes. She just picked from them what was right for her."
– Ralph Lauren, fashion designer

So pick a dress from Shabby Apple that is right for you and enjoy!

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Alma said...

I saw this collection too and thought it was cool!

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