Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Monthly Shoe Post! FLATS!

There is no need anymore to run around in sneakers or converse, thanks to flats!   I absolutely am crazy about flats and so was Audrey.  They are a perfect, easy way to look chic and dressy without being uncomfortable.  I have tons of these and just want more.  I now can be a mom on the go and still be fashionable and feel cute.  I love flats that give a pop of color to your outfit.  You don't have to spend a lot on these either.  I have found darling ones at Target, Old Navy and Famous Footwear.  Of course I was just at Nordstrom this weekend though and I found these.   They make a big statement and give a blast of color.  I love them for spring.

I also saw these glitter TOMS that I just am crazy about.  I love that they dress up the plain casual TOMS and you can still have the ridiculous comfort of them.   

So if you don't have a pair of cute flats for your every day, go and get some.  It is good to look like you put effort into your look when you didn't.  It is good to dress up a little every day and these help you accomplish that.  They help you look good so you can feel good.  


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