Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tips for Men

 Whether you are a man reading this or you have a man in your life, these tips are something everyone should know.

Choose clothes that fit--  How often do we see men wearing over sized clothes? Men have the same rules as women when buying their clothes.  The seam for the shoulder should fit on the shoulder.  If they are thin they need to buy "slim fit" shirts.  You can find these at Banana Repbulic as well as other stores.  If you are tall and thin buy tall slim.  If you are larger make sure you don't just buy T-shirts that are XXL.  Try them on and make sure they don't look like a tent.  Use a tailor for dress clothes so they look like they were made for you.  Even if you shop at thrift stores, you can still take those clothes to a tailor to help them fit right without a lot of extra cost.

Match-  Men, more than women, need to match their clothes.  If you wear a brown belt, please wear brown shoes and a black belt with black shoes.  To answer the poll this week, match your socks to your pants.  If you match your socks exactly to your shoes you take away from a good looking shoe.  It helps your shoe stand out more when you match your sock to your pants.  This way you can wear dark dress slacks with a brown belt, brown shoes, and dark socks.  

Cuffs and Pleats-- Really both of these details are dated when choosing a pair of pants.  In fact you probably should get rid of all of your pants with pleats and cuffs.  They are old fashioned.  Go for flat front pants and ones that are not tapered or cuffed at the bottom.  Unless you want to look like this...

Tie Length-- Your tie should end right at your belt buckle.  If it is shorter than your belt, it looks too small and if it is longer it looks like you are a little kid wearing his dads tie.  My husband ties and reties his tie a lot of the time so it is the perfect length.  It looks really sharp that way.

Undershirts are a must--  This is true for any age boy or man.  If you wear an undershirt you look like you are polished and well kept.  Every man should always have an undershirt of some kind on every single day.

P.S.  It is okay to tell your husbands, boyfriends, or sons to read this.  Tell them it is because you love them and want them to look their best.  

"All I wanted for Christmas was immediately to shoot another movie with Audrey Hepburn."  Cary Grant 

Cary Grant, as pictured above, was a very sharply dressed man.  He was classy and stylish.  He had excellent taste in clothes as well as women because he loved Audrey.  If you haven't seen "Charade" staring the two of them, see it.  Love it!

What are some other tips you think guys should do?


Bob Hiatt said...

This is good. I don't really follow fashion. (I know, I know it's hard to tell.) This gives me a few hints.

Anonymous said...

Nice! The only thing I would add to these great tips is if you're going to a wedding or more formal event, pay for a haircut! How to tell when that is? Your date (wife, gf, et al) does. Too many pics today of women who clearly spent a lot of time preparing while the guy looks like he dropped a wet blob of gel onto a "flobee" haircut and called it dressed!

MelissaAggie98 said...

Great fashion tips!

Thanks so much for dropping by the Be-Bop-A Blog Hop! I'm a follower and I hope you'll stop by again soon! Have a great day! :)

Linda said...

Happy Wednesday! I'm stopping by from Hump Day Slump Day Wednesday! I'm a new follower! Please stop by to visit me at my blog~I would love to have you! Have a great week!

Grace Matthews said...

Great! I love it! A lot of men need to read this...LOL

Fellow Blog Hopper:)


Sandie lee said...

Hi a new follower from Blog hop Wednesday =)

Sandie lee

Clayton Thomas said...

I think I follow all of these rules. I feel I have passed the test! Newest follower.



The Queen of Swag said...

thanks for participating in my wednesday blog hop. following you now.

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