Thursday, January 6, 2011

Skinny Pants

I am the first to admit I am not as skinny as Audrey.  Seriously though, who is?  I also know for a fact that you do NOT have to be as skinny as her or even remotely close to wear the super trend of skinny jeans/pants.  One of the most fabulous things about skinny jeans/pants is that most of them have stretch in them.  They will form fit to your individual curves and look great.  Black is really cute to wear because it hides most of what we don't want others to see.  Another great trend right now is gray.  I found both my current skinny jeans in gray and black for just 20 dollars at Old Navy!  Click here

Many of you are thinking there is no way you would ever wear these.  If there is one thing I have to get across on this blog is that there is only benefit from trying things on. If they look terrible, try another brand.  If they still look terrible blame it on the jeans and move on.  This is nothing personal.  There are clothes out there for everyone and there is NOTHING wrong with you because some clothes don't fit.

I have also seen first hand someone try skinny jeans on for the first time and instead of seeing in the mirror how they looked they were focusing on how they felt.  They thought they were too uncomfortable and were holding everything in.  Isn't that what we all want from jeans?  To be held in.  After looking at herself in these pants for a period she ended up loving how she looked in them and thought they were super comfortable because of the stretch in them. 

If you are a "jean snob," (like my sister calls herself) and need to have some sort of pattern on the back pocket, there are many affordable options for you.  Nordstrom has a junior department called Brass Plum or B.P.  They have many options that are not over 60 dollars that have fun designs on the back pocket.  Click here.

Last but not least.  These are very versatile.  I love to wear them with flats like Audrey did, but you can also wear them with heals or boots.  When it is snowing I wear my UGGs with them.  When I am going out on a date I wear my heals.  When I am being a mom on the go I wear my chic flats.  When wearing heals with skinny pants it is sometimes fun to roll them up in a small messy roll at the bottom.  Pay attention to detail.  It makes such a difference. 

“Audrey and I agreed she would wear black, tight-fitting pants, a black sweater, and black shoes, I wanted her to wear white socks with it and she was stunned. ‘Absolutely not!’ she said.  ’It will spoil the whole black silhouette and cut the line at my feet!’ I said, ‘If you don’t wear the white socks, you will fade into the background, there will be no definition to your movement, and the dance sequence will be bland and dull.’ She burst into tears and ran into her dressing room.  After a little while she regained her composure, put on the white socks, returned to the set, and went ahead without a whimper. Later when she saw the sequence, she sent me a note saying, ‘You were right about the socks. Love, Audrey.” -Stanley Donen, Director of Funny Face. (taken from the book Audrey Style)
I love this story.  It shows how Audrey had impeccable style because you should NEVER wear white socks unless you are working out and it shows a strong act of good character.  It is never easy to admit you were wrong, but she did it beautifully.


Michelle said...

Are you telling me you've never seen a person wearing skinny jeans that plain and simple should not have been doing that? Huh. You have inspired me. I'm pretty sure I won't buy them, but now I'm curious. I'm going to have to try some on.

Annie said...

I have definitely seen that Michelle. I think those are the people that bought them without trying them on or they didn't have the body for them. They are not for everyone, just lots and lots of people.

coxdeedee said...

I swore I would never wear skinny jeans and now I have two pairs. I am sure the stretch helped and I just wear a longer shirt and voila the roll at my waist almost disappears.

Lexie said...

I have been looking for skinny jeans but haven't found the right ones yet...I wish you were here to take me shopping to find some! But I love that you're doing this blog and I love this post. I will definitely keep up on this blog. Thanks Annie!

youngim thomas said...

Love Love this blog. Annie, You are so talented in writing. I love reading this blog with all the inspiring quote. Love your own blog with your life story as well. We all miss you here. You're such a happy person to be around. By the way, I love love my black skinny jeans. It feels like I'm not wearing anything and soooo comfortable. I normally buy one bigger size though since I don't like tight fitting looking. Thanks and keep it up!!!!

Alma said...

Annie- loving this blog. Josh had a great idea for you to start this. Just got me some gray skinny jeans- wasn't 100 per cent sure about them but can't return them bc I bought them in Singapore. Well now I know I made a good choice:) Look forward to more posts!

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