Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Peep Toe!

At first this post was entitled Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!  I then realized it would take me five pages to say all I have to say about one of my favorite accessory, shoes.  I have decided that once a month I will do one post about one type of shoe.  First off,  to answer my poll question that was on my blog last week, TRUE!!!!  You CAN wear nylons or tights for that matter with open toed shoes.  I think the reason for the confusion is this.  If I you were to ask this question 10 years ago it would have been an affirmative NO!  Alas, styles change and fashion rules change.  So although you CAN wear nylons with open toed shoes, of course there are some underlying rules.

--Please make sure there are NO holes or runs in them.

--Please make sure they are the NON-reinforced toes.

--Make sure the seam of the tight is straight so it is ultimately invisible.

--I would not recommend wearing nude or tan tights or nylons anymore.  If you have some, throw them out.

Opaques tights my favorite.  They are slimming and come in so many fun colors and patterns.  They last a lot longer since they are thicker too.  I also love textured and colored nylons but I just bought a pair a month ago that were argyle and now they already have a run in them so I threw them away.

The other question many people have is, "Can you wear open toed shoes in the winter?"  The answer is yes.  I wear them all the time with my opaque tights.  I made the mistake once of wearing them when it suddenly started to snow and while they looked fabulous, my feet were soaking and freezing the whole night.  Take note of that mistake.

Another concern that all of you should know is that open toed shoes does not mean sandals.  No, you cannot wear strappy sandals in the winter and it is pretty questionable if you can wear tights with them either.  They tend to get bunchy.

Another absolute must, if you are going to wear an open toed shoe.  Please have your toes Pedicured!
No chipped polish or bare unkempt nails.

Vocabulary term-- Peep toe- all the shoes in the photo above are called Peep toed shoes.  They just let your toes peep out slightly.  LOVE THEM!  Go and get some.  They have so many different sizes of heals and every color you can think of.


blaine and michelle said...

I love peep toes because you can wear them in every season -- definitely the best investment on a small budget. I also love your suggestion about getting skinny jeans in black -- brilliant! May just have to do that...

coxdeedee said...

My daughter is teaching me something new each new subject. Thank goodness for 3 daughters who help me know "What Not to Wear."

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