Monday, January 17, 2011

Creating an Hour-Glass Shape

The most important aspect to looking good is creating an hour-glass shape.  It does not matter what size or shape you are this shape is the goal.  You can create any shape you want with clothes.  They will work wonders.

This is an example of someone NOT creating an hour glass shape.  The idea she is doing is kind of cute, but she is doing it all wrong.  It does not flatter her figure at all and makes her look a lot heavier than she is.  First of all, her skirt is way too long.  He jacket is just a box shape instead of one that fits her body and gives her curves.  Just so you all know this is one of the girls that got put on What Not To Wear so she understands the rules now.  Here is a before and after shot of her.  How much more flattering does she look after.  She looks like she lost 30 lbs.

Here are some tips for all kinds of body types to help you create that great line you want.

Pear Shape- (triangle upward)- The goal here is to add volume to your top half.  Shirts with ruffles or flutter sleeves are awesome.  Also, jackets that are tapered and help hug your waist help add to your shoulders and create the perfect shape.  If you are a little wider in the hips a well-fitting pencil skirt, an A-line skirt and wide leg jeans or trousers will help to not draw attention to your hips.  Accentuate your waist by adding a thick belt, fitted jacket, or a high-thick waistband skirt.  Also, empire waist dresses that hug your curves are very flattering.  V-neck shirts help draw the eye up to create the illusion of a fuller top half too.

Apple Shape- (triangle downward) Your best friend with this body type is an A-line skirt.  This helps add volume to your lower half.  Try not to wear blousey tops or bulky sweaters.  If you are busty make sure you have a well-fitted bra that keeps the 'girls' up where they are supposed to be.  Nordstrom has the best bra fitting consultants.  If your 'girls' are too low it is hard to get the shape you want that is flattering.  Also, you may have to buy a jacket that is one size bigger and have it altered so it doesn't pull at the bust.  A empire waist dress that accentuates your waist is awesome for this, but make sure you have thick straps or sleeves so your shoulders look small.  Tops that flair, or flutter at the bottom can create more volume below. 

Banana Shape- (rectangle)  This shape can be tricky sometimes to create an hour-glass shape.  Belts and a structured jacket are awesome.  High waisted skirts with a blouse would be awesome.  You need to tuck in the shirt so it accentuates your waist.   Fuller sleeves and a fitted shirt with an A-line skirt would do the trick too.  Pleated and circle skirts are also great.  Wrap around dresses create a fuller top and bottom half while creating a waist.
Hour-Glass Shape- (triangles opposing, facing in) This shape already has it, but if you don't dress in a well fitted flattering way you won't see it.  Thick waist band dresses will help you look tiny in the waist.  Again, belts and jackets are great.  Fitted tops and boot cut jeans are great for this shape.  

--Make sure your jacket can have all the buttons buttoned.  If you can't it is too small.  When you hold the jacket up on the hanger see if it has an hour glass shape.   If it fits in the shoulders (meaning the shoulder seam is on the shoulder) but doesn't fit in the waist then get in altered.  If it fits in the waist but not in the shoulders get it altered.  You will be so glad you did.  It will feel like the jacket was make for you.

--When you hold up a dress see that it has the right shape too before trying it on.  Dresses that have a built in waist are awesome.

This is the perfect hour-glass shape.  Her waist looks tiny and she looks like she has curves, which she didn't.


coxdeedee said...

Wow. I didn't know that but I do have things altered for my big bust. It is for sale if anyone wants it. I also have shirts altered to fit a bit more snug because I am forced to buy larger button shirs.

CityGirlChic said...

hey, your blog caught my attention, I'm sure you can guess why!! Anyway, stopping by via FTLOB and will follwo your blog!

jersey city windshields said...

Timeless. Classic look indeed.

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